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Candidates' Masonic Education Programs

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The GL of Virginia adopted a new, optional candidate advancement program in 1999, which has been continued each year since then. To advance from EA to FC, and from FC to MM, each candidate can either continue the "traditional" catechism memorization (memorizing about 30 minutes worth of specific words as answers to questions, which are then recited in open lodge), or can use the alternative educational advancement program. This includes:

(a) Working with a coach, memorizing the parts of the "traditional" catechism that relate to the modes of recognition - the due guards, signs, grips, and words of the EA and FC

(b) Working with a coach, going over the words and meanings of the EA and FC obligations, until the coach is satisfied that the candidate can explain exactly what he has obligated himself to, in his own words, in detail

(c) Working with a coach, going over the philosophy, history, organization, and other aspects of Freemasonry, using as a guide 3 booklets (EA, FC, MM) that contain questions and answers about Masonry. These booklets are not to be given to the candidate to read, but are to be used by the coach as a means of having good discussions with the candidate about what Freemasonry is all about.

Note: In Virginia, memorization of the MM catechism was never required, and no education program is required of MMs either, but in both cases MMs are encouraged to either memorize the catechism or voluntarily continue the MM education program.


Other U.S. Jurisdictions have Masonic education programs for their candidates, including the following (details to be included in the future)

District of Columbia
Gives each candidate a Masonic education pamphlet at the conclusion of each degree, for the candidate to read.

Has adopted a candidate education program similar to Virginia's

Gives each candidate a Masonic education pamphlet at the conclusion of each degree, for the candidate to read.


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