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GLNF (National Grand Lodge of France) documents relating to the Grand Lodge of Minnesota's Recognition of the GLF and Related Subjects - 2001-2002

The purpose of this webpage is to provide a webpage where everyone can read, copy, or print documents provided by the GLNF (National Grand Lodge of France) relating to the Grand Lodge of Minnesota's recognition of the GLF (Grand Lodge of France) and related subjects, and the reaction of some U.S. Grand Lodges.  

All of the following items were sent by Nat Granstein, Assistant Grand Master of the GLNF, for inclusion on this webpage. They are reprinted here exactly as they were sent to us, with no change made to them in any way.

When a date or source is shown, it was supplied by Nat Granstein. When no date or other source is shown, it was not supplied to us by him.

This webpage merely provides this space for the GLNF's documents, which may be of interest to other Grand Lodges, Masons, and researchers.

Webspace has also been offered to others, such as the Grand Lodge of Minnesota, for any documents they wish to have seen and read by Grand Lodges, Masons, and researchers. That information can be found at http://bessel.org/masrec/glminn.htm

Concerning the unrecognized Grand Lodge de France

For several years the spokeman for the Grande Loge de France has sent hundreds of messages via Compuserv influencing, strangely enough, regular intelligent erudit Masons in the United States and Canada. This in order to obtain recognition for his Grand Lodge which remains outside the regular masonic family because of its failure to break relations with the Grand Orient de France, the mixed men and womens' lodge Droit Humain and the continued visits with the Grnad Lodge Feminine de France.

In many of his messages of which there is a file, he is extremely vociferous in his grand lodge's refusal to sever those relations. He screams that the members of his grand lodge are free men and masnoic oaths and regulations are superfluous.

Have you noticed all these years not once has he mentioned GOD. And most perplexing in spite of every lodge in the North America, in every single ritual, God is pronouced so frequently.

Before you can become a Mason in North America the first question demanded "Do you belive in God?" When yo uare first admitted into a lodge you are caused to kneel for the benefit of prayer. You are asked in whom you put your trust and you answered in GOD. You knelt at the altar and took an OATH before GOD and you sealed it with your lips.

You promised you would not assist or be present at making a woman a Mason.

What happened to you revolutionary American Masons? Have you radically changed? You do not believe in or love GOD anymore. You prefer to sit in lodges with women? You prefer to sit in lodges with men and women together? You prefer to sit in lodges without a Volume of the Sacred Law on the altar? If you support the person and his unrecognized grand lodge who have convinced you this is regular, then you do not believe in GOD and you do not believe in the OATH you took when kneeling at the altar.

In an interview in the newspaper Le Parisien, the Grand Master of the Grande Loge de France states that his grand lodge and the Grand Orient de France intend to accelerate their association as they know each other since a long time.

The GLdF continues to deny dual membership with the Grand Orient. On National Television June 13, 2001 Bruno Ettienne an historian and author and excellent freemason excalimed that he was a member of both grand lodges like many others.

And of course the famous interview of both Grand Masters in Le Figaro magazine in a lodge of the Grande Lodge de France.

We repeat that we would be so happy if there were one regular Grand Lodge in France and we leave the door open for negotiations iwth the GLdF if  they will interdict dual membership with the Grand Orient and visitation with mixed men and women lodges and the Feminine Grand Lodge of France.

Nat Granstein

Concerning the unrecognized Grand Lodge of France

The Chief Sysop of the Masonry Forum has called to order some who it is claimed have attacked the above named unrecognized grand Ldoge.

For many years the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise has been agreesed without its attacker being in the least cautioned by the same Chiefs. Th assailers had an unopposed field until it became apparent the assaults were reaching the ears of the noviates who joined the offensive.

Even these degradations were accepted until messages referring to lack of patriotism and cowardice of the members of the GLNF made this Grande Lodge furious at the allegations of the spokesman from the Grnde Loge de France.

In his message dated Monday Oct. 31, 1994 he wrote "No matter how many of them wree imprisoned or tortured, how many died or disappeared 'just' because they were masons, the spirit of solidarity between Masons and between Grand Lodges only increased WITH THE NOTABLE EXCEPTION OF THE GLNF. After the war and during the very difficult 10 or 15 years of reconstruction, ATHIEIST Grand Lodges like the Grand Orient, co-Masonic ones like the Droit Humain and regular GL's like the grand Lodge of France, fraternally helped each other to rebuild."

His statement is disgraceful and insulting to all regular masons. An insult to many regular masons from the GLNF who were also imprisoned, tortured, died or disappeared just because they were masons. Disgraceful to those of the GLNF who survived and still members of the only GOD fearing regular Grande Lodge in France.

His statement is insulting to GLNF members Generals Lemnitzer, Mooney, Wade, Talley, to those who survived the landing in Normandy and the entire war, and the ten thousand Masons who were initiated, passed and raised in the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise.

HIs statement is insulting to the memory of many of the greatest heros of France who became members and Grand Masters of the GLNF.

The GLNF never attacked the Grande Loge de France. Its spokesman began it all, apparently with the acceptance of those chiefs of the Compuserv Masonic Forum who never called him to order.

To what lengths will the spokesman go to obtain recogniton? All his Grand Lodge needs to do is proclaim a belief in GOD and sever relations with, as he is quoted above, the Atheistic Grand Orient of France, the mixed men and women's Droit Humain Lodge and the Grande Lode Feminine de France.

Concerning the unrecognized Grand Lodge of France

Grand Master of the Grande Loge de France refutes the insistence of his spokesman's continued hypocrisy in claiming its 264 years of existence.

In an interview published in the newspaper "Le Republicain Lorrain" April 26, 1997 the Grand Master of the Grand Loge de France states "In 1994, we celebrated our Centennial.

He continues, if one must situate us on the chess board, we are between the belief in the revealed God as in the Grande Loge Nationale Francaise and the secularism of the Grand Orient of France. We have a vision of a greater humanism.

Question. If the Grand Master of the Grande Loge de France states officially that in 1994, his Grand Lodge celebrated its CENTENNIAL, how could the present Grande Loge de France be 264 years old

January 15, 2002

Dear Brother,

An article in our information pages called Breves (Briefs) has been distorted by others inferring the GLNF has recognized the Grand Orient of France.

After a year long attack by the Grand Master of the Grand Orient Alain Bauer and Michel Barat of the Grande Loge de France in the media, and interviews, now Past Grand Master Claude Charbonniaud brought suit against the former for slander.

Several days before going out of office GM Claude Charbonniaud received a communication from GM Bauer of the G.O. desiging a rendez vous to discuss the situation which was damaging freemasonry in France.

To save freemasonry in France and to quiet the media, GM Charbonniaud agreed to drop his case if TM Bauer would arrest his ill founded attacks in the press and other. An agreement was reached that each would practice freemasonry it desired. The GLNF regularly with the 12 points and the G.O. with its atheistic nonsense, women's organizations and mixed lodges of the Droit Humain, Memphis Misraim, etc.

There never was the slightest question of establishing recognition of the Grand Orient de France. They practise a special brand of freemasonry and find members in the GLdF.

Teh regulations of the GLNF expel a member immediately if he visits a lodge under a grand lodge with which it is not in recognition.


After fifty years of the pracise of regular freemasonry to have to waste so much time on this ridiculous nonsense. Pathetic I say.

To all my brothers wheresoever they may be, have a wonderful 2002 filled with health and happiness.

Nat Granstein,
Assistant Grand Master GLNF

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