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Women & Freemasonry

The information on this chart comes from various sources. If anyone has definite information for additions or changes on this webpage, please send email to Paul M. Bessel at paulb'at'bessel.org so I can update this chart.

The British Federation of International Co-Freemasonry - Le Droit Humain  http://droit-humain.org/uk/ 
Freemasonry for Men and Women - American Co-Masonry - AFHR - American Federation of Human Rights - Larkspur, Colorado http://www.co-masonry.org/ 
Freemasonry for Women - by catherine yronwode  http://www.luckymojo.com/comasonry.html 
The Order of International Co-Freemasonry
"Le Droit Humain" - American Federation
Pointers: Masonry for Women and Co-Masonry http://web.mit.edu/dryfoo/Masonry/Pointers/co-masonry.html
Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons http://www.hfaf.org/
Eastern Order of International Co-Freemasonry http://comasonic.net/
Women's Grand Lodge of Belgium (G.L.F.B. - V.G.L.B.)  http://www.mason.be/en/index.htm
Women's Lodges in the USA chartered by the Women's Grand Lodge of Belgium (GLFB - WGLB) http://www.womenfreemasonsusa.com/
The George Washington Union http://www.georgewashingtonunion.org/
International Order of Mixed Freemasonry http://www.droit-humain.org/
Women and Masonry http://www.mastersjewel.com/masons/symbols/women.htm
Women in Freemasonry by Carolyn Clark Campbell http://www.masonicworld.com/education/files/artjun02/WOMEN-IN.htm
What about Women? http://www.masonicinfo.com/women.htm
Women in Freemasonry http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/texts/women.html
A History of Women's Masonry http://www.thefreemason.com/forum/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=true&topic_id=3649
A History of Women's Masonry http://www.mastersjewel.com/masons/symbols/A_History_of_Womens_Masonry.html
Order of Women Freemasons http://www.owf.org.uk/
The Traditional History of the Order of Women Freemasons http://freemasonry.bcy.ca/texts/women_order.html
Co-Freemasonry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Co-Freemasonry
Women and Freemasonry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_and_Freemasonry
Women in Freemasonry - A Brief Insight http://www.princeedwardmasons.ca/women%20in%20freemasonry.pdf
Rebelles Without a Cause? Images of Masonic Women in France http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/maney/lhr/2006/00000071/00000001/art00003
"Private Organization" Supreme Court Cases http://bessel.org/privorg.htm
Women and Freemasonry in France and Germany http://sophie.byu.edu/sophiejournal/New/Huffmire-format.pdf
Women and Freemasonry http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/women_in_freemasonry.htm
The Co-Freemasonic Order of the Blazing Star http://www.cfobs.org.uk/



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